Анна Кендрик потратила арендную плату на лабутены

Many find it hard to imagine that their favorite Hollywood stars were once the same as them. Even before Oscar nominations for the film “up in the air” in 2009, Anna Kendrick couldn’t even afford a pair of shoes. The girl was supposed to go on the red carpet of the international film festival in Toronto, but the suitable pair of shoes she was not. The actress tried to find someone to borrow shoes, but because of the low popularity of the actress nobody was going to give them. Desperate Kendrick had to spend on a pair of shoes Louboutin $ 1,000, which was her rent.

“I wasn’t popular, so nobody wanted to lend me shoes. I was devastated,” recalls Kendrick in an interview for the editor People Cegla jessa in the latest episode of his interview series. “I was persuaded to spend the money, because I didn’t have a pair of louboutins. They cost a thousand dollars. They are super-shiny. Despite this, I will never get rid of them, because they cost the rest of my rent.”

If the stylists are not in a hurry to dress up the actress, the fans knew Kendrick on the streets after she appeared in the first part of the movie “Twilight”. “Were girls who recognized me because of “Twilight”: “Let us approach her when she buys her underwear and ask, and Taylo Lautner in life!” says the actress. But Kendrick does not run away from the fans and answers none of their questions: “He’s cool! But now I feel weird, because you know it looks like my underwear.”

Ten years passed, during which the actress got popular. Problems with the shoes she now does not occur. At the moment, it is only in the third part of “the Perfect voice” Pro-girl a Capella group.

Not having time to visit all the movie premieres, the actress has already received an invitation to shoot the film as yet unnamed project Christopher Morris, Director of the black Comedy about terrorists loser “Four lions”. The film was shot in the Dominican Republic this summer, but the exact release date remains unknown, as does the plot.