Anna Kalashnikova was justified for the “naked” photos on the beach

Анна Калашникова оправдалась за «голые» фото на пляже The singer was caught without a bathing suit. Anna Kalashnikova was vacationing on the Black sea coast, when she was caught by the paparazzi. Journalists waited for the right moment, when the artist was changing, and a few days later published a provocative footage.
Анна Калашникова оправдалась за «голые» фото на пляже

Not so long ago singer Anna Kalashnikova visited Sochi, where he arrived for the contest “New wave”. Artist a great time to visit events and parties and also have time to relax on the beach. However, after a while we came up with photos that Anna naked. She found a quiet corner to quietly take off my swimsuit. However, the attentive journalists did not miss the chance to make unique images. Now Anna warns colleagues in show business to avoid similar mistakes, blindly believing that no one is watching.

“To be honest, to comment and to justify me is not particularly what. To imitate Anastasia Volochkova was never the plan. Just in that part of the beach where I was going to swim, did not work or was busy with all the booths. I decided to change behind the rocks. To do it modestly I, alas, did not work, said the journalists. So all you stars, which in the future we plan to relax at the Sochi beaches, carefully look around when they’re changing,” said Anna “StarHit”.

Fans admire the figure Kalashnikova, which regularly spoils their pictures in bathing suits. Dedicated fans trying to support their favorite artist after she struck a wave of criticism. The fact that not so long ago Anna admitted that she lost the baby. However, detractors did not believe her words. The singer was depressed, which pulled her close.

“She’s very thin, goes sad all the time, in my mind. Sometimes I have the impression that Anya as if not with us – then we try to distract her. She’s still young, she has yet to come. Recently I was invited to the birthday of her son, she has such a wonderful child, whom she loves. Kalashnikov is a man who for all always going through. I believe that it will become easier over time, nothing will help,” said Maria Pogrebnyak “StarHit”.

Now Anna finds salvation in communion with her son Danya. Also celebrity loads himself with work to distract from the sad thoughts. In addition, the star travels a lot and communicates with fans that gives her strength. Anna Kalashnikov in the “naked” dress made a splash on the “New wave”