Анна Калашникова смогла простить Прохору Шаляпину скандал с ДНК-тестом Actress and model recalled how the whole country discussing their relationship with the singer. Speaking about the incident, Kalashnikov recalled, that she knew from the beginning that Danny was not his son, but that did not stop the artist from the loud statements on TV.

Model and actress Anna Kalashnikov has a son Daniel. When the boy was born, she told everyone that his father is Prokhor Chaliapin, with whom she was having an affair. However, after some time the beloved Kalashnikova decided to check whether the baby is his son, so he passed a DNA test. Broadcast one of the shows, announced the results of the study. It turned out that between Prokhorov and Daniel not related. After this scandal, the singer canceled the wedding with Anna, and then they broke up.

Itself Kalashnikov now says that the whole story of the DNA test was rigged Chaliapin.

“I didn’t lie, he from the beginning knew. I warned him about everything before the start of our relationship. And he agreed to everything. And then suddenly decided to replay the situation in front of the entire country. It’s frustrating, but what could I do? The remaining residue in the shower… But I forgive him, and appreciate all the good things connected with it. Now we are friends. Generally, when off camera, actors much friendlier,” said Anna.

Despite the breakup, Prokhorov sometimes came to visit ex-lover to see the Tributes, gave him toys. It is sometimes called Chaliapin dad, but now the singer is visiting a boy, so he’s already forgotten the word.

Anna says that he tries not to acquaint the family with the chosen one, if she wasn’t sure. Kalashnikov wants to find a new father of little Daniel. “Judge, I have, for example, there was a man, He became attached to the new Pope, and we parted. Not together, for example. Anything can happen. But Dan it will then be to ask the person to suffer, and perhaps to look for a problem in itself. Although it is not there and can not be. When u were fighting at that time, son was bored and was asking about him. And I had nothing to say to him. I’m not going to say that u lied to me, it is ugly. After some time we made up for Days, not to upset the baby,” shared the actress in an interview with Wday.ru.