Anna Kalashnikova: “Prokhorov became interested in the son”

Анна Калашникова: «Прохор стал интересоваться сыном» The singer and actress hopes that Prokhor Chaliapin will return to his family. Anna Kalashnikov is happy that her husband is showing signs of attention to the baby. She believes that over time the relationship with the artist will improve.

      Анна Калашникова: «Прохор стал интересоваться сыном»

      Earlier this month, an event occurred that made Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikov to look at each other in new ways. The artist and his frustrated wife first met in the Studio “Let them talk” after four months of conflict. During this time the couple almost did not communicate.

      After once engaged star looked into each other’s eyes, their opinion about each other softened. Reconciliation is too early to say, but she already wants to hold his son Kalashnikova. According to Anna, Prokhorov was prepared for baby Daniel’s gifts. Perhaps in the near future will be a fateful meeting.

      “We cannot say that we Prokhor are together again, but the ice in our relationship was broken for sure. For the first time in four months or more… everybody has his own life, but I see that he became interested in the Child, his life and the little successes… I Hope soon we’ll meet all together, just like old times… Prokhor is configured to communicate, although it is all easy. We have much to discuss,” – said Kalashnikov with “StarHit”.
      Анна Калашникова: «Прохор стал интересоваться сыном»

      Recall that four months ago in the Studio program “Let them talk” Chaliapin learned that is not the biological father of the child Kalashnikova. DNA examination has shown that the son of actress was not born from Prochorus. For the graduate of “factory of stars-6” this news was a real shock. He could not forgive the betrayal of the bride and called off the wedding.

      Anna Kalashnikov admitted who the real father of her child

      Later Anna confessed that he did not expect such a reaction from the man she loved. The girl claimed he didn’t cheat Prochorus, and initially warned him, not sure who is actually the father of her heir. Earlier, according to Kalashnikova, it does not bother Chaliapin. However, when the truth was revealed, the singer could not step over their own pride, and stopped communicating with his family.

      “There is a lot of mothers, and you have no idea what it is, when half of the country you write about nasty things. I want to Express my gratitude to my friends, fans, fans. Due to this situation, I gained so many fans. Only thanks to them I experienced the whole situation,” admitted Anna in the program “Let them talk”.

      Interestingly, Prokhorov is not willing to consider Anna as a potential lady. Meanwhile, he dreams about the girl who would be similar to his previous fiancee. “From Kopenkina can take the cheerfulness and Kalashnikova appearance. Sweetheart, waiting for you,” said Prokhorov.