Anna Kalashnikova presented luxury apartment

Анне Калашниковой подарили роскошную квартиру
A few days ago celebrated the birthday of Anna Kalashnikov, she was 33 years old.

Анне Калашниковой подарили роскошную квартиру

At the celebration the girl gathered only the closest friends and they had fun. But originally the holiday was planned differently.

“We were going to go to a cafe with her boyfriend, to be only two, – said Anna. – However, just a couple of days before he had to go abroad on business. I was so upset I wanted to cancel the party, but friends persuaded to sit. Favorite first called, hardly the hands of the clock passed 12, congratulated and sent a huge bouquet of my favorite roses and said that, as soon as I return, I’m waiting for a big surprise.”

In the end, Anna got the keys to the apartment in a luxury residential complex, the cost of which is estimated at 40 million rubles.

“For me it was a complete surprise. He loves to surprise! But to be honest, thought I would give cottage by the sea somewhere in Spain – says the girl. – The apartment is very large, almost 150 meters, open floor plan, refers to the four rooms. Is the original finish, even some of the furniture. But some things want to change – will soon begin repairs.”

Congratulations Kalashnikov happy birthday and wish you happiness in personal life!

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