Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает» The actress and singer told the editor of the “StarHit” Anne of Topolinoe about the scandals with a new lover of Prokhor Chaliapin and his addiction. Anna Kalashnikov still hopes that his beloved will come to their senses and return to his family. Her little son asks every day about when will see again Prochorus.

      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»

      “Every morning I’m afraid to read the news. I always throw links to articles. Made a real hunt” – with trembling voice says Anna, sitting opposite me in a quiet cafe in the center of the capital. Over the past six months she suffered a lot: the loss of a loved one, cancellation of the wedding, and now she spoil the life of a new friend Chaliapin.

      Anna, you were such a happy couple… Why u acted like that?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»I’ve been analyzing what happened and realized that we actually began to drift away in early February, after the death of our friend tims brick. Then we Prokhor tims and bride was about at his mom’s house, and discussed the details of the funeral. And then, in early March, my grandmother died. I tried to be home more to support the mother, she fell ill with a nervous breakdown – and I made sure she drank all the medicine. And in spare moments tried to be with u at least a little… As it turned out, all these weeks I never left the family, and Prokhor from Jans Grivkovsky.—
      When you last met?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»In may. One night u came to my job. We sat in the car and discussed everything that happened on the set of “Let them talk”. He suspected that Danny might not be his son, but agreed to raise him as his own, and then something gave in the air is a show with a DNA test. Said, I it’s a shame, and at some point he started yelling, waving his arms. I was very scared. So aggressive have never seen him, shrank back into the seat and could not utter a word. When u calmed down a bit, apologized for being rude. “It’s all sports fat burning pills – they are becoming nervous,” he explained. The conversation ended with his words: “I need to think about everything that happened. Give me time.”
      And after he was gone?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»We texted SMS, after which he stopped communicating altogether. I remember once Dan was very bad. Son vomited, had a fever forty, to knock it does not work. I paced the apartment, holding him, not knowing what to do. I need at least moral support. Began to write Prokhor, I thought he would come to the rescue… But he read the message and left them unanswered. Well, next was the parents.
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»
      Did he not care for Dan, because he is born raised him as her own son?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»You know, an ‘ he’s changed a lot in recent months. I can understand it all: insults, shouting, gossip about me, but to turn away from the child – is beyond. In the summer, when going to baptize her son, wrote Prokhor, they say, remember, we’re supposed to give our baby angel? I agreed with the father, we baptize. It is waiting for you, for you are our mother… the Answer again was no. Son still remembers him, one of the favorite kid’s toys – plastic “Bentley” donated by Prokhorov. I also keep the gifts… didn’t throw Anything away.—
      Did not want to return the gifts?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»So do when they want to kick a person out of life. And I still hope he will come around, pick yourself up, come to talk and it will be a Tribute to a mentor and a friend. I forgave him for everything: for abandoned, abused all over the country, have set your mother against me…
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»
      She also stopped to chat with you and Tributes?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»I was hoping Helena will be on my side, I call support… But she also disappeared with her son. Our common friends told me that she’s worried and not happy with new girlfriend. Because John did not have time to mourn the groom has already found a new one. But I introduced them .—
      It’s a shame?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»To tears! But not even for the fact that this girl is with him now, and they made me a victim of their games. Sometimes it seems like mocking me. Ian still sends me a strange message. It says: “I don’t want your u – take” offers to settle us. And then begins: “You incited me hag-witch who cursed me!” At first I tried to talk, to reassure her. But then, when she blamed me for their problems with health, I realized – all in vain. She takes me to the abuse. But why? I didn’t do anything bad said about her bad said, I’m not the same now in the role of a mistress. Recently decided just not to answer and throw this man out of your life. I was good-naturedly configured, and generally you wouldn’t call me aggressive. Don’t hold that against her, not accusing. Just want salt on the wound is not sprinkled…—
      Heard she threatened you?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»Yeah, for some reason she wanted that I followed her every advice. Wrote-wrote. Measured and analyzed my life, despite the fact that I just didn’t answer. Didn’t understand what pouring all these threats from the series: “If you fail to do so or so, your life will go downhill, I assure you! You can not see anything!”
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»

      Friend Prokhor Chaliapin went to the hospital with a heart attack

      Wedding you cancelled her?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»No. It entirely depends on the bride and groom, the decision of the Prokhor. I believed until recently. Even the ZAGS came, waited for him, hoping that he would have to come at the last moment, say, “Darling, I’m with you, let’s do this without cameras, but that didn’t happen.—
      As you experienced it?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»I was shaking. It was a shame what happened. Was afraid to go to instagram. The subscribers were divided into two camps: some wrote nasty things – “a slut, a liar”, and others “we are with you, hold on!”. Saved me a job, worked like a Stakhanovite: shot a video,expanded the business, opened an Internet store selling clothes, got the role in the series… When it was hard, went to Church, prayed, asked for her, son, mom and Prochorus. And once talked with the priest, received communion. And from the second all how it was gone. It’s calm, I realized – the main thing is He is healthy and mom is okay, and the rest – come what may. Prokhor for my own people! Yes, we called off the wedding, Yes, he abandoned the son… But my soul is with him. And I believe he’ll come around.—
      Do you after all is ready to build a relationship with him?
      Анна Калашникова: «Любовница Прохора мне угрожает»Rather, our love story came to an end, but when people are together gone through so much, they can’t just walk away from each other. I wish he was in the son’s life, raised him, took away for the weekend. Now he misses the main points: when He took the first steps, spoke his first word… And every morning he passes the house, look in the room with the words: “Where is everybody? Baba, grandpa, mom, dad!” He does not understand yet, that Prokhorov is no longer with us.

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