Анна Калашникова нашла новую любовь The girl was caught in the arms of a young man sounded under the song “Two planets”. Anna Kalashnikova and the mysterious stranger had a wonderful time at the yacht club “Admiral”. The singer looked very happy.

      Анна Калашникова нашла новую любовь

      Actress and singer Anna Kalashnikov was seen with a young stranger in one of the suburban clubs. It turned out that she was shooting the video for the new version of the single “Two planets”, which has already managed to catch the fancy of many listeners. The author of the composition was made by the brother of the star Konstantin Kalashnikov. His colleague Alexey Malakhov helped to finalize the track.

      For the filming of a music video under the guidance of Director Alexei Figurova chose the yacht club “Admiral”. This place is famous for its stunning locations and fabulous views of the Moscow river. Video shows a summer love story between two young people. In the story, the heroine played by Anna Kalashnikov, going through a breakup with your lover and do not believe that will be able to re-fall in love. She met at the resort the guy who makes her believe in feelings.

      Анна Калашникова нашла новую любовь

      During the filming of the video team of the actress has faced difficulties. The street was almost 30-degree heat, which complicated the work of operators. Anna Kalashnikova was more fortunate: she appeared in the frame in a bathing suit. In one scene, she even several times plunged into the pool. In addition to the bikini, Anna managed to try on a few outfits from designers Olesya malinskaya and Christina Bereznevi Chrisbery, one of which was a wedding dress.

      “I chose this script because this is my story. Considered a lot of offers from film Directors, the history was different, but somehow most of them too depressing. And I realized that I just want ease, after the song “Two planets” is very fond of my fans and they are waiting for the clip, I wanted to make beautiful, summer, positiony videorad, which will make people believe that everything in life is as it should be. And I really want to convey to all the main idea of the clip – even when everything goes wrong, the world loses its bright dyes, the pain fills all around, never despair, because once gone, means it was not yours, and yours you will definitely find,” admitted Anna.
      Анна Калашникова нашла новую любовь

      Kalashnikov’s going through a breakup with the singer Prokhor Chaliapin. The couple parted just before the wedding, when the young man learned that the model gave birth to a son not his. Now the singer is raising his boy. Not so long ago she decided to build a Tribute to a children’s Playground.

      “On my 32nd birthday, June 13, friend, businessman Andrey Kovalev, made a Royal gift of one million rubles, – says the “StarHit” Anna. – Of course, this money I decided to invest wisely: hire a designer and construction crew that the area next to cottage country to build a mini-town for Danecki”.

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