Anna Kalashnikova had a miscarriage

У Анны Калашниковой случился выкидыш

The famous Russian singer, actress and model Anna Kalashnikova lost the baby. For celebrities it has become a real tragedy. She plunged into the work – even recorded a clip, but, according to friends, going through a difficult loss.

Anna Kalashnikov in may this year told his fans the happy news – after 9 months she will become a mother. Star actively shared with followers photos. Followers loved to comment on the pictures of Anna and her rounded tummy. Also pictured periodically appeared luxurious gifts which are showered Kalashnikov her lover and the future father of the baby, a businessman, whose name the girl carefully concealed. For example, celebrities have shared the king’s gift from her husband – huge house in an elite residential complex for 40 million rubles. Expectant mother signed that this apartment will live the whole family. The girl dreamed that she and her husband will soon move to a luxury apartment. However, dreams are not destined to come true – Anna Kalashnikova suddenly had a miscarriage. Presumably, this happened when the star was five months pregnant.
Kalashnikov did not make statements in his microblog. That something went wrong, the fans knew it when I saw pictures from filming the new clip. There she was with a perfect figure, which can not be, if the woman in the position. To comment on the situation, the star is not wanted. She just said that she was very hurt by the whole incident.
Light spilled friend Kalashnikova model and designer Maria Pogrebnyak. She was more talkative than Anne. Maria said that Kalashnikov really to not be pregnant anymore. But the details of the tragedy are not reported. According to her, Anna is a very strong girl and she will never show her bad. Celebrities with a head left in work now shooting a new clip. This helps her to escape from grief. Also saves her and the eldest son Danya.
Close friends and relatives of Anna Kalashnikova trying to distract her and get to think about the bad. Try not to leave one and ready to help any minute.
However, many followers began talking about the fact that pregnancy Kalashnikov could think of to draw to the person attention. Really, the girl loves to provoke the public. Recall, she was twice announced and twice canceled the wedding singer Prokhor Chaliapin, took it to the public proceedings concerning the paternity of her son.