Анна Калашникова столкнулась с тяжелой потерей
The model is going through a drama in his personal life.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: @Instagram annakalash Anna Kalashnikova

Some time ago in the Studio program “Let them talk” Anna Kalashnikova has announced that is pregnant by her new lover. Since then, netizens closely followed the changes in the figure of the model, looking at pictures expanding belly. However, Kalashnikov day in and day showed subscribers a perfectly flat stomach all the questions about pregnancy ignored.

Fans felt that Anna went to the hype and came up with the pregnancy for PR. But their assumptions have not been confirmed. In reality it turned out that the model recently suffered a great loss — she had a miscarriage… it is reported Starhit.ru. Kalashnikov is in serious emotional state, which, however, is not surprising.

Now fans are wondering, will this drama is the reason for the cancellation of the upcoming wedding Kalashnikova? Recently, Anna has said that is going to become a married woman and, most likely, it will happen this year. The chosen model was a businessman, whose name she prefers to keep secret. He, by the way, was to become the father of the child Kalashnikova.