Anna Kalashnikova and Daria Pynzar forgot about the competition

Анна Калашникова и Дарья Пынзарь забыли о конкуренции Ex-member of telestroke teaches friend how to run the business. Despite the fact that each of them has a business in the field of fashion, Anna and Daria found a way to be useful to each other.

      Family business Darya and Sergey Pynzar has been thriving for three years. They opened in one of the capital’s shopping malls, the boutique, which sells a specially designed pair of designer clothes. Developing the family business did not remain without attention of the presenter Anna Kalashnikova, which turned to Darya Pynzar with a request to teach her how to properly run a business. Both young mothers, there are clothing shops, and by and large, for each other, they are competitors. However, celebrity has managed to get along and become each other useful.

      “I am a businesswoman, said the “StarHit” Anna. – More than three years I have been working with Russian designers, and a year ago I opened a clothing store, and I always follow the trends of the fashion world. I want my boutique was all the most stylish…don’t forget about the competitors in the designer market, it is interesting to know who that brings to this path. And met with Dasha Pynzar. First ran across her shop on Instagram. Could a few hours to cuddle up on tracksuits, and even ordered myself and a few friends. We met with Dasha on some social events, but more closely, we started talking after meeting at the wedding of Nelli Ermolaeva. And so began the conversation: “Dasha, you have such cool shiny shorts sold in store!” Now, it seems, only about business and talk!”

      It is interesting that Anna willingly listens to criticism. A young mother takes note of the advice of a successful friend and thanked her for her participation. “Of course, Dasha more experience in the promotion of business, says Kalashnikov. – Sergei, they know how to lure people into the store. Dasha reminded me that the network often admire my taste in clothing. So now all the dummies try to dress up according to the Golden rule “what would I wear today?”

      Favorite business rallied Kalashnikov and Pynzar. Celebrities even thinking to release a collaborative line of clothing. “We have Dasha a lot of plans to improve business – continues presenter. – Used to go for shopping complexes, I want to buy a dress, and as a result find nothing. I guess that many girls are familiar with. So Dasha want to create the perfect dresses that will be a win-win any time of the year. Moreover, Daria draws well, I was just spitballin ‘ here!”