Anna Kalashnikov will open your own restaurant

Анна Калашникова откроет свой ресторан The singer followed in the footsteps of fellow show-business. Anna Kalashnikova was thinking about how to master your next job. She wants to feed only healthy food, but also wants the menu to have information that will help to support people figure’s normal.
Анна Калашникова откроет свой ресторан

Anna Kalashnikov decided to explore another direction in business. Now the young mother has a boutique, she writes songs and appears on television. Recently, however, it ignited a new idea – to open a restaurant. Recently Anna called for a forum where she was inspired by success stories of other businessmen. After that, Kalashnikov decided to start my own business in the catering industry.

Анна Калашникова откроет свой ресторан“I had and have doubts and fears, but the way people talked about his job at Synergy Executive Forum and proud of it, emboldened. I really want to do a chain of restaurants nutrition – smoothies, vegetables, rolls, dessert cottage cheese with fruit, fruit salads, nuts, hummus with sliced vegetables, many different kinds of salads, a separate unit to provide meals for a couple. Always dreamed of such myself. Still it would be cool to each meal to calculate the calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and note menu,” – said Kalashnikov “StarHit”.
Анна Калашникова откроет свой ресторан

Now Anna has not yet decided on the location and the name of his future restaurant. She was considering to give different areas of business and one name. Also the celebrity is remembered that the godfather of her son Dani Andrei Kovalev has a big gastroplasty. As it turned out, the man don’t mind if on this basis will open the first restaurant Kalashnikova.

“I think from the title you can make a whole story and a recognizable brand. We already have a logo, which you can play. Perhaps it will be “QWINGS Food” or “QWINGS Fitness Food,” says the young mother.

Despite what Anna says about the lack of time she could spend with her son Danya, she is ready to start a new business. Kalashnikov wants to provide the child the best, and therefore, not sparing himself, to earn more money.

By the way, the restaurant business is quite common among celebrities. Not so long ago Olga Buzova opened his own cafe in the city centre. Say, Malakhov and Leps have fun at the opening of the restaurant Buzova

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