Anna Kalashnikov watches wedding dress

Анна Калашникова присматривает свадебное платье

The model hopes to marry Prokhor Chaliapin, no matter what.

The scandal surrounding the pairs Chaliapin-Kalashnikov does not subside even for a minute. As shown by a DNA test conducted for the program “Let them talk”, Prokhorov is not the biological father of Hannah’s son. It is quite natural that the wedding scheduled for may 24, cheated the guy canceled. And went into myself for a while, “to reflect on life, to start everything from scratch. Anna, in turn, polekauskas a little on her hard life in social networks, went to the show of wedding dresses in one of the most luxurious hotels in the capital.

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A new collection of wedding dresses presented Hope Yusupov, the owner of the boutique Wedding Rooms. The event was attended by Alla Dovlatov, Alika Smekhova, Elena borscheva, Cornelia Mango and others. Despite the stellar list of guests, journalists, of course, first and foremost attacked the Kalashnikov, which is already a few days does not descend from newspaper strips. All interested in a very natural question: “Why the show of wedding dresses? So, with Prokhorov marriage valid?”. The actress said that the wedding outfits yet without tears is unable to see, worried about a quarrel with a loved. In the nervous system due to malnutrition and lack of sleep the girl a few days lost five kilograms. But she still believes in them with Prokhorov reunion, hoping that he calms and forgive her.

At the moment all preparations for the wedding Kalashnikova and Chaliapin, which cost the young in 10 million roubles, has been temporarily suspended.

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