Анну Калашникову укусил ядовитый паук Doctors were unable to help the artist to avoid serious consequences. Anna Kalashnikov passed all necessary tests and is now waiting for news from doctors. Health stars leaves much to be desired – a young mother is forced to stay in bed.

      Анну Калашникову укусил ядовитый паук

      Saturday camping turned to Anna Kalashnikova badly. The actress went for a picnic with mom, friends and one-year-old son Daniel in the suburbs, but was interrupted feast, to urgently see a doctor.

      “In the morning we went to my favorite restaurant outside the city, there played with Danya on the grass in football – he is so funny with his little legs trying to kick the ball. Laughed, frolicked… And here I thought I was bitten by a mosquito, ” says Anna, “StarHit”. – Leg itched and never went away, but I’m treating it with ointment from the bites, hoping that soon the discomfort will pass. Tried not to pay attention to the terrible itching – all on the mosquitoes, my skin reacts quite sharply. In the afternoon felt a slight dizziness, weakness and nausea. And then looked at his leg and was horrified! It is terribly swollen, a little red around the holes was a bright red circle.

      Anna realized that he had started an allergic reaction and it’s time to show “trauma” specialist. Leaving little Danya’s mom, Anya jumped in the car and rushed to the nearest trauma center on Novorizhskoye shosse.

      “The doctor took a look and immediately said, “that’s not exactly a mosquito,” continues Kalashnikov. By all indications, he set the bite of a poisonous spider. This, of course, not fatal, but very unpleasant.”

      The doctor measured the temperature, the artist, treated the affected area with antiseptic and sent me home with the instructions “follow the symptoms”. In the evening Kalashnikov took the thermometer and saw a mark at 37.5 immediately got in touch with the doctor. He recommended her to drink the antibiotics. On the morning of the symptoms have remained the same – at least a little sleep swelling, itching and redness is still not passed.

      “I had to go back to the emergency room, continues Kalashnikov. – On the spot sent me to the allergist on Monday, he had already left for work. I passed the necessary tests, and now waiting for the results. I had to reschedule three meetings and installation of my video the other day. Here I lie and think: thank God that bug has bitten me, and not the Child or the mother. Apparently, I’m a shut loved ones”.

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