Anna Kalashnikov was accused of bad taste

Анну Калашникову обвинили в безвкусице
Preferences ex-bride of Prokhor Chaliapin called the village.

Анну Калашникову обвинили в безвкусице

Anna Kalashnikova

Anna Kalashnikov in recent years has become a real fashion
expert. She often talks to fans about the beauty and about the most
fashion stylists. But in recent times, showing off a new manicure, Anya got into an awkward situation.

“Girls, I don’t
know about you, but I’m crazy about French, — said Kalashnikov. And I can’t
force yourself to do something different. It seems to me that French gives
the hands of grace and well-groomed, and nails healthy and natural looking. Well, to
not bored, constantly coming up with interesting design — add rhinestones or

Anna Kalashnikov boasted a new manicure

Fans on the words of Anna reacted negatively, Recalling that the French (French manicure), and even more rhinestones is long out of date.

“Crystals, stones, painting, sculpting… It’s a long time not
true! It always says that the girl from the province. Minimalism is
elegant, feminine and expensive”; “I love French too, but other than crystals and stones,
I think that definitely rural!”; “something the French dumb. I am myself in
6th grade proofreader drew,” wrote readers pages Kalashnikova in
the social network.