Anna Kalashnikov wants to do rhinoplasty

Анна Калашникова хочет сделать ринопластику
Many people know that just deciding on plastic surgery, the girls become dependent on them.

Анна Калашникова хочет сделать ринопластику

Apparently this fate has not spared the singer Anna Kalashnikov.

She has twice resorted to plastic surgery. This time Anna turned to Nut Babayan to change the shape of the nose.

“I have long wanted to fix its shape. To make a more chiseled and meaty to remove the wishbone at the end. I think I’m getting better. I decided to stop at the plastic surgeon Nut Babayan. We are friends for many years. Besides, I know that he is the best specialist in noses in the capital”, – said the girl.

But the surgeon refused to operate on Anna, explaining that the singer does not need anything to change on your face.

“Anna is a great girl with very correct proportions of the face. And I think the crime here to make some serious changes. Indeed, in this case rather be hurt than to help. Yes, at some point she really needed the assistance of a competent specialist. For example, she very rightly so, to correct the shape of the breast. She really should have to do it. In addition, I helped with the scars on my stomach after laparoscopie when she gave birth to a son. It was the right decision. But to do the nose – this is unnecessary,” said the doctor.

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