Анна Калашникова пробует вернуть Шаляпина с помощью магии The ex-fiancée of the singer and the showman turned to psychics. Anna Kalashnikov decided on extreme measures and to resort to services of sorcerers that had been offered to her to assist in the reconciliation with the groom. According to the young mother, her main goal is to make sure that the child was the father.

      Анна Калашникова пробует вернуть Шаляпина с помощью магии

      Model and ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova is going through difficult times. A young woman was abandoned by her lover on the eve of the wedding and now is raising a son Dan. Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      However Anna believes that all is not lost and is not going to fold your hand. Star intends to seek the return of Prokhor Chaliapin by any means. And even used the services of psychics who have offered to help her.

      Learn from a talk show on TV about the difficult situation of Anna, psychics were excitedly calling her to support the young woman, and they also promised to establish unasked privacy beauty, returning it Prokhor Chaliapin.

      “Every day I receive dozens of calls from clairvoyants, – says Anna Kalashnikova. They find my contacts, call themselves and offer their services. Say: “Anna, let me come to you, will do the ritual and will help to make you and Prochorus everything is okay and you were again together.” Calling mages not only from Moscow but also from Cherepovets, from Yakutia. Psychics and write in social networks. Honestly, I am so far from people that tried on their calls not to react. Thanked and hung up.”

      However, at some point, Kalashnikov gave up. The woman, called Anna, has managed his sincerity to call a young mother a response.

      Анна Калашникова пробует вернуть Шаляпина с помощью магии

      “This grandmother I believe. She spoke so convincingly: “my Granddaughter, I see how hard this is now” on Hearing these words, I could not resist and asked her: “If you can, pray for us. And all of its resources and energy, which is owned, point to we with Prokhorov reunited.” Since the call it’s been two weeks. So far no result. Prokhor contact. We communicate with him only through common friends who tell us the news about each other,” – said Anna Kalashnikov in an interview Sobesednik.ru.

      Prokhor Chaliapin, who learned that the small son he is not a native and calling off the wedding, in turn, too much is going through such a blow of fate and deception of the bride. However, the suffering it seeks to facilitate encounters with attractive women. Increasingly, he began to exhibit in the microblogging photos in the arms of ex-girlfriend of his dead friend tims brick Jana Gribkowsky. Fans of Prokhor Chaliapin in awe of his passion

      Despite the fact that Ian and Prokhorov did not comment on their relationship, members noted that the couple looks very harmonious.

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