Anna Kalashnikov sued the novice designer

На Анну Калашникову подал в суд начинающий дизайнер

Preparations for the wedding of Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin is in full swing. At the time, as all thoughts of the bride must be busy with the upcoming celebration, Anna have to be distracted by an unpleasant incident that is associated with the designer Vera Domokos.

The fact is that the designer Kalashnikov practically accused of theft, noting that Anna is cheating on her for three months. According to Domokos, future wife Chaliapin, who owns the boutique in the Mall “European”, a few months does not provide her with records of the sales.

“We have been cooperating with Anya: I give her clothes, and she told me Commission with every outfit sold, – tells a press Domokos. – However, in the last three months I have not got the paperwork on the implementation, so do not even know, whether she lied to me the amounts. In addition, some of the items damaged. My lawyer want to get, first, reports second, the penalty for what they will be served the wrong time.”

Anna herself is confident in her position and argues that Faith just wants to promote his name at the expense of someone better known. Cooperation with Domokos, according to Kalashnikova, she stopped a few months ago: “She just wants to spin on my behalf. We ended the cooperation, more of her stuff not sold in my boutique. All the documents I have provided and don’t understand that Faith does not suit: they composed in a form as before. My lawyers are dealing with this issue”.


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