Anna Kalashnikov said communication with Alexei Lemara

Анна Калашникова заявила о связи с Алексеем Лемаром Star of TV series “Univer” has become a guy model in a new music video for summer song “Without makeup”. The plot of the video for the character of Alex Lemar are two heroines – lady and the hooligan. Anna Kalashnikov promised fans a lot of surprises.
Анна Калашникова заявила о связи с Алексеем Лемаром

Model and singer Anna Kalashnikov, emerging from grief, tries to find solace in his beloved work. Not long ago, a young woman shot a video for his summer single “Without makeup”, where the main role is played by the star of the TNT series “Univer” Alex Lemar. According to Anna, it is quite long time to choose a scenario and determined team, but the final result was worth it.

Анна Калашникова заявила о связи с Алексеем Лемаром“I am very pleased that we have finally got everything set up and prepare. I released the song in early summer, but has been beset by obstacles and challenges – personal, organizational,” shared Anna.
Анна Калашникова заявила о связи с Алексеем Лемаром

The Director of the video was Svetlana Gerasimova, which offered a fun and unusual scenario. Kalashnikov promised the fans a large number of surprises.

“We have two main characters: Svetlana Serverly, which behaves like a lady, and Angela Polyakova. She, on the contrary, a Tomboy, a bully, a beauty. In the story the girls try to win the attention of my boyfriend, played by Alex Lemar, but on their way there is a lot of fun obstacles. By the way, in our scenario, there is an interesting replica, for example, we have added a phrase well-known Russian songs,” commented the singer.

Anna Kalashnikov says that working with Alexei Lemara pleasure. Actor easily found with colleagues a common language. “He’s a terrific comedian, he’s a good laugh. The result of the filming process takes place easily and naturally. I already hit the press, because he is constantly made fun of us,” said the model.

In turn, Alex Lemar admitted that it was his first experience in the filming of the clip. The actor was attracted to the script, reminded him of Soviet paintings.

Анна Калашникова заявила о связи с Алексеем Лемаром“It’s such a Comedy in the spirit of a rehearsal with a huge number of bright, dynamic, fast scenes with a terrific sense of humor. I’m not a fan of pop culture, like ethnicity, classical music, jazz, but the song Ani “Without makeup” I loved it. I have listened to it five times in a row and even danced,” said the artist.

Work on the video took place in one of the capital’s parks and trendy bar. According to Anna, the clip will be also “most exclusive” cars. Very soon the audience will see the efforts of the crew in the Network and on TV. “Song of the summer, I like to have time to release the video in August to extend all of the holiday mood,” said Anna Kalashnikova.

Previously, the model has intrigued fans promising frame of the video for the song “this never happens”, recorded in collaboration with Timur Timbigfamily, former participant of “House-2”. “In our video, a lot of chips – I crushed the heart of the foot, drink water from a glass with a goldfish, cut hair, eat your jewelry together with whipped cream,” – said Anna Kalashnikov. Anna Kalashnikov flashed curvaceous lingerie