Anna Kalashnikov removed the lumps bisha

Анна Калашникова удалила комочки Биша The model once again went under the surgeon’s knife. This time the beauty has decided to improve the oval of the face. According to Kalashnikova, she wanted to have more chiseled cheekbones.

      Анна Калашникова удалила комочки Биша

      Anna Kalashnikov have decided to do another plastic surgery. Earlier this year, the singer changed her breast size, and now not afraid to turn to professionals, that they have improved the shape of the face. According to Anna, she cared about the asymmetry inherent to many people. Model wanted her cheekbones look perfect.

      Anna Kalashnikova increases the breast. PHOTO

      “Despite the fact that many consider me attractive, I don’t always like. I was worried about the asymmetry of the face, cheeks. I am very complexed about it. The solution came unexpectedly. At the presentation of the Serbian restaurant Michael Jacko I met with a wonderful surgeon Igor White and told him about the complexes. And he decided to help me,” admitted Kalashnikov “StarHit”.
      Анна Калашникова удалила комочки Биша

      According to the young women, Igor was attentive to her request. Specialist “Clinic of aesthetic surgery Ottimo” forced Anna to take more tests to find out whether there are contraindications.

      “Calmed me as best they could. Though of course, I need not have worried. Igor is an excellent specialist. And removing “lumps” is a simple operation,” – said Kalashnikov.

      While it is difficult to say how the new looks oval face Anna, as the swelling has not gone. Usually two weeks to assess the effect of the procedure. Within 21 days the doctor recommended Kalashnikova avoid common loads, eat liquid food, to refuse access to the sauna and a long swim, and to sleep on my back.

      By the way, the model recognizes that after the previous plastic surgery on her were more likely to draw the attention of worthy men. One of them even gave Anna a luxury car for $ 20 million.

      “We met him on the second day after I had surgery for breast augmentation, Dr. Alexander Abakumov. A few days before that, I was left without a driver and was calling friends asking to pick me up from the clinic. Itself to get behind the wheel I could not. Volunteered to help one of my friends. So all we have spun,” admitted the actress.