Anna Kalashnikov rejected the harassment of a man

Анна Калашникова отвергла домогательства влиятельного мужчины A young woman commented on the sex scandal in Hollywood. Anna Kalashnikov admitted that she repeatedly received indecent proposals. However, the singer preferred to refuse, as grew up in a strict family.
Анна Калашникова отвергла домогательства влиятельного мужчины

Anna Kalashnikov became the guest of one of the ceremonies music awards. During the event, the singer gave an interview in which spoke about harassment in show business. After American producer Harvey Weinstein was at the center of a sex scandal, the media regularly emerge new details of the resonance of history. The ceremony continued to discuss the situation in Hollywood.

According to Anna, she regularly faced with similar situations, when his career started. However, the actress rejected offers from wealthy men.

“Was this offer when I was 17-18 when I took the first steps in terms of acting. I came to auditions, I’m very burned by this idea, very much like in cinema. I received such offers. More precisely, this is not mentioned. But then I figured out that I wanted this or that person really” – she said.

Once contacted the man, whose identity has meant a lot to her. According to Anna, his indecent proposal made her cry. As a result, the model was disillusioned with his idol. His name the young woman chose not to call.

“I remember one such proposal very strongly cried. I was offered this is a serious man, he was my idol. And I had tears when I learned that he wanted actually, my childhood dreams have collapsed,” admitted Anna.

Previously discussed the rumors that Kalashnikov allegedly provided escort services for eight thousand dollars. As evidence cited the correspondence in the messenger. The model became the heroine of the program “live”, during which he denied such speculation. According to Anna, they are not true.

Anna Kalashnikov clarified the rumors about the escort

“To be honest, it kind of hurts – not enough… Where is the money? I’d like to get them. Joke. In fact, it is possible to come up with, and screenshots to fake. To me this correspondence is unknown. I see a familiar name: I’m friends with Camilla. She has a boyfriend, they were together in Dubai. How can you write such things about those who is in a relationship? Or about their mothers,” – said Anna.

In a recent interview with Kalashnikov spoke about the support of the family. Before taking any decision, Anna always consulted with the family. “Because of my strict upbringing, a military dad, I all the proposals discussed at the family Council”, – quotes the singer