Анна Калашникова записала жаркое видео в поддержку сборной России The ex-girlfriend of Prokhor Chaliapin attracted to the actions of other participants. Anna Kalashnikov encouraged to support our athletes participating in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. The words and music of a new song written by the father and brother of a star.

Ex-fiancée showman Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova, organized campaign #Bornarova in support of our national team at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Together with members of the popular music TV shows like “the Voice” “Live sound”, “X-factor”, she recorded a song and video clip dedicated to the athletes who defend the honor of Russia in Brazil. The campaign was launched in social networking on Saturday night, at a time when Rio de Janeiro was the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. The whole truth about the Olympics in Rio: the queue for food, checking for dope and stealing

Posting a snippet of the video in microblogging, Anna Kalashnikov appealed to his followers to support our team at the Olympics.

“We recorded this song in the music Center Eugene Isenina iSSENiN Studio, and at night during the start of the Olympics in Rio are planning the launch along with a video, – told to “StarHit” on the eve of Anna Kalashnikova. – The action takes place with the hashtag #Carnarsie. It aims to support our Team in a very difficult political situation. We believe that sport should be outside politics, like art! The sport is reaching people, this is nature, this struggle, this force is the power! We love our country, we love Russia and support her. We believe that we are the best! Patriotic lyrics speak for themselves.”

Telling about the campaign in microbe, Anna added that it was attended by young and ambitious artists as Natalie Nightingale (finalist of the TV project “Live sound”), Maria Eroyan (semi-finalist of “the Voice 4”), Vlad Skulsky (participant of TV projects “X–factor” and “Home 2”), Vladimir Shnitko (singer, actor, teacher, UNIVERSITY), as well as Sharip (artist PTS Grigoriy Leps).

It should be noted that the words and music for new songs Anna Kalashnikova wrote her father and brother. The full version of the clip, as reported by Anna, can be seen on her YouTube channel.

Fans of Anna Kalashnikova, already watched the video clip, was delighted and from songs, and ideas in a way to support the athletes for whom the road for the Olympics was very thorny. “Annie, well done! Thank you for this song and for this attitude to Russia for the Olympics to patriotism”, “Great! Emotions erupted! Well Done, Anna! Song is just the bomb!”.

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