Anna Kalashnikov received the gift of a car for 20 million

Анна Калашникова получила в подарок авто за 20 миллионов A celebrity proudly published pictures on the background of expensive cars in a social network, but continues to conceal his boyfriend. The star is happy with the attention, care and love that she gives new man. Users’s Instagram was genuinely glad for the artist and praised the groom for a great gift.

      32-year-old actress, who used to flaunt the bright moments of his life, and March 8 did not yield to the traditions. The actress has posted pictures of luxury cars, which gave her a new man.

      By the way, there is something to boast about! “Bentley Bentayga” is not less than 20 million rubles. Besides, the bright red color of the machine makes it more rare. Car experts claim that such a little Russian. Happy owner of a new car immediately made Amateur photo session on the background of a marvelous gift. And then shared with all your followers on the microblog.

      “The most touching, sensitive and happy March 8 in my life! Has never been crowded so many shades of feelings, tears, child of joy, happiness and love!” – Anna wrote on his page in Instagram.

      The actress added that are not yet ready to disclose the name of the beloved, but admits that he is happy “as ever.” Kalashnikov averse to tell and history Dating a new man. With their fans in social networks Anna even shared details of how and under what circumstances she twirled a new novel.

      “We met him on the second day after I had surgery for breast augmentation, Dr. Alexander Abakumov. A few days before that, I was left without a driver and was calling friends asking to pick me up from the clinic. Itself to get behind the wheel I could not. Volunteered to help one of my friends. So all we have spun,” admitted the actress.

      Social network users are sincerely happy for the woman. Many, even without knowing the name of the donor, they began to raise him on a pedestal. Because a real man knows how to please a woman on international women’s day.

      “Always admired such men. With A Holiday!” – said one of the fans of the actress, considering her new Bentley.


      About my personal life Anna always preferred to “keep quiet.” Its only loud novel was a Union with Prokhor Chaliapin. The pair appeared on the secular parties, talked about the plans was even appointed the day of the wedding. However, a few weeks before the wedding ceremony, for unknown reasons, Chaliapin and Kalashnikov broke up. As recognized herself an actress, then she’s more than a year lived alone.