Anna Kalashnikov publicly appealed to Prokhor Chaliapin

Анна Калашникова публично обратилась к Прохору Шаляпину Leading decided not to ignore important date in the life of the artist. She wrote in the social network that understands how difficult it can be to Prochorus in the day, but she wants us to get realized our dreams in life.

      Анна Калашникова публично обратилась к Прохору Шаляпину

      Anna Kalashnikova has published a picture of Prokhor Chaliapin, who today turned 33 years old. She mentioned to the subscribers that this date is not only a personal celebration of the artist, but also a sad event in the life of the celebrity. Year ago best friend Chaliapin, Maxim Kuznetsov died of inflammation of the lung. This happened right in the birthday of the artist. The young men were friends since 15 years, Kuznetsov has long been a Director of Prokhor. They are, according to most of the stars have been through a lot together, so he canceled all the plans to thus honor the memory of a deceased friend.

      Prokhor Chaliapin lost my best friend

      In his account in Instagram presenter reminded the house of this day, but hastened to wish him to always smile and never give up. Celebrities have many in common, but, apparently, resentment between them in the past. Anna is unable to hide her joy, giving Network users to understand that truly relates to what happens in the life of the singer.

      “Happy birthday, dear Prokhor. Leaving all the pain behind, I say: “no matter How difficult for you this day, 26 November, no-one imagine all the pain and bitterness of loss. But still it’s your day, your birthday! Congratulations! And I want it was the day you smiled the most cheerful and bright with his smile, because no matter what, you have to Shine, to glow and to give all its heat to the people around you! I wish you all what you yourself dream of and aspire to! Poskorey embodies the dreams into reality!” – wrote the model in the social network.

      Himself Prokhor did not remain on the sidelines and in the comments under the recording thanked Anna for her kind words and support, but he decided to be laconic. “Thank you!”, – wrote Chaliapin in response to congratulations Kalashnikova. Subscribers in the ochererd, began to discuss the relationship between the young people. For many still remains a mystery, along, or they preferred to remain friends. Part of the leading followers noted that they are very harmonious look with the artist and they should definitely start from the beginning.

      Among the commentators there were also those who frowned upon to react to the fact that the Kalashnikov so openly congratulated Chaliapin, thereby giving food for thought for his detractors. Members expressed the view that the words of Anna full of feelings that she feels for celebrities. Anyway, most of the followers decided not to focus on comments Kalashnikova, just to congratulate u with the 33-year anniversary. However, they nadeyatsya for a reunion of the pair.

      “Prokhor ,happy birthday to you! We wish to be reunited with the most wonderful girl, our Annie, is better it is still there,” “Anna, you are such a beautiful couple! Prochorus happy Birthday! Let all will be excellent!” “Anna, just about everyone know go to him and bring along all your dreams”, “You are the most beautiful couple!”, – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      Birthday is currently not in Russia and celebrates its birthday on the Spanish Canary Islands. Judging by the photos in the social network and the comments to them, Chaliapin feels great, taking many congratulations to your address.