Anna Kalashnikov openly talked about the loss of a child and coarseness of the Vines

Анна Калашникова откровенно рассказала о потере ребенка и грубости Лозы The actress and singer explained what happened. According to Anna Kalashnikova, due to an accident that occurred in the summer, she lost the opportunity to become a mother for the second time. The young woman couldn’t take this moment.
Анна Калашникова откровенно рассказала о потере ребенка и грубости Лозы

Singer Anna Kalashnikov has experienced this summer, a real tragedy. A young woman lost a second child. “StarHit” first reported about the sad events that took place at artist. Then, surrounded by Kalashnikova said that she refuses to talk about it. For the first time in a long time, the star broke the silence. In a newspaper column published in one of the publications, the young woman frankly told about how it all happened.

Anna Kalashnikova lost the baby

Anna felt happy with a new boyfriend, so the first couple of months, she did not say that they are preparing to become parents, preferring to protect happiness from the public. However, when the surrounding and the colleagues learned about the interesting position of the star, they began to gossip that the artist simulates pregnancy. Anna was subjected to harassment from the ex-fiancé of Prokhor Chaliapin, who also did not believe her words.

“I lost the baby. It would seem! Could sympathize with or to leave me alone. Because I was not going to in any way comment on the incident. Yes, I made a mistake. I admit it. Being on the 11th week succumbed to the blandishments of journalists and the whole country  he spoke about his happiness. Yes, it’s stupid and wrong, it was necessary to think a head. But understand me too, I was filled with love. I finally met the right person, fell in love with. We had a baby. God, it was so beautiful, I was so happy I couldn’t hide…” – says Anna.
Анна Калашникова откровенно рассказала о потере ребенка и грубости Лозы

From the beginning of pregnancy Anna has been closely monitoring the state of health and regular visits to specialists. In one of the programs of Kalashnikov dared to show the ultrasound photos to her stopped the blame lies.

“After some time, once this all became known, there was a collapse, I really ceased to be pregnant. The blame for an accident, and maybe it’s because the world is embodied envy. The result of one. My baby is no more…This summer I’ve spent not only filming and concerts and taking endless tests. Every morning before work I was pestered endocrinologists, gynecologists, reproductologists. Trying to understand the causes of the incident. And then after work, which for the first time in my life struck me hard (although I work 17 years old), I was searching the Internet, trying to get to everything on their own. Couldn’t sleep, for dreams that came to me was worse than the nightmares. Hardly went outside, cried a lot. In my head a million questions: “Why? Why? For what?” And constant analysis of what happened – where did I do wrong, what could change and how. And another thought is flawed, because I could not give her beloved child,” – says Kalashnikov

Anna saw the suffering of other women, faced with such a trouble. Pain and suffering Anna tried to hide behind a radiant smile. She kindly talked to people, went out, but did not respond to questions about where did her belly.

As Kalashnikov says in a newspaper column last summer, there were other events that distracted journalists from her person. Rock fans were discussing the suicide of the leader of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, and fans of “Ivanushki-International” sarbieli about the deceased due to illness of the soloist Oleg Yakovlev.

“The fans suffered and rejoiced under the tracks of their favorite artists, and now hit a memorable amount of tattoos and mean look at George Vine, according to tradition, who said that nothing good for the music these two did not…I swear! Ever Vine badly and some of the fans of “Simons”, Madonna, “rolling stones” or Chester still get him back” – said Anna.

In the pages of “Russian pioneer”, the young woman remembered all the events that so shook the community, and expressing emotions. Anna believes that in the future she will again be able to have a baby. In the meantime, she sent all the forces on career development and education of Daniel.