Anna Kalashnikov nearly died in the Caribbean

Анна Калашникова чуть не погибла на Карибах In the ship with the artist on Board crashed into the boat with drunken French. It happened in the Caribbean, where Anna Kalashnikov went with his friend Gregory Autonym to participate in the regatta. The girl was under great stress, and the sailboat in need of repair.
Анна Калашникова чуть не погибла на Карибах

Holidays at the actress Anna Kalashnikova, a former bride of Prokhor Chaliapin was active. First the beauty went to the French resort of Courchevel, where he went skiing, and then to the Caribbean. Here Kalashnikov participated in the regatta, organized by the rector of business school “synergy” Gregory Autowin.

Two weeks Kalashnikov with a big company floated on the yacht. On her page in Instagram every day there were vivid pictures in bathing suits. As she says Anna, everything was fine until an emergency happened. That day the team, which included the artist, won one race. In the evening the victory was celebrated on the shore, ate lobster, danced at local restaurants. But in the evening there was an unpleasant situation. As told to “StarHit” Anna, in their sailing ship hit a boat with drunken Frenchmen on Board.

Анна Калашникова чуть не погибла на Карибах“I messed up drunken French. One evening, when we sailed on the boat… They rammed us 4 or 5 times. And then caught our boat anchor. As a result, we spent several hours in the open sea, trying to disengage with foreigners. Came with great difficulty, because these people were not only drunk, but spoke no English,” – said Anna “StarHit”.

The actress told that the ship needs to be repaired: “as a result of collision damaged feed, lining, trigger,” says Kalashnikov. Anna admitted that I have not experienced such stress: “it Was very scary. Because of these people we could have been killed. But, thank God, everything turned out” – shared star.

In spite of that, Anna does not regret that went to the Caribbean. In the regatta, she participated for the first time, and the young woman loved to tie knots, set sail. “Nothing beats conquered the elements when you are sailing under sail, trying to be faster than the wind. And around you — the blue ocean, elegant ships and seagulls. Indescribable,” says Anna.