Анна Калашникова знает виновного в подмене результатов ДНК

All the troubles of recent months, according to Anna Kalashnikova, guilty of the ill-fated DNA test, the results of which were declared in the program “Let them talk”.

In that moment, when the representative of the laboratory where the research was conducted, has denied the information that Prokhor Chaliapin – the father of the child Kalashnikova, world girls collapsed, and with it was automatically canceled chic wedding, worth several million rubles. Former bride and groom broke up and went our separate ways.

Apparently, so easy to say goodbye to beloved Kalashnikov can not. The girl still writes about Prokhorov in his microblog and hopes that this difficult situation will be resolved happy ending.

Note that despite numerous statements of the people around Anna about who actually is the father of little Daniel, Kalashnikov continues to insist that gave birth to a son from Prochorus.

Kalashnikov still says that the DNA results were falsified. Now she even points to the one who initiated the replacement of the results of the paternity test.

The girl claims that this man is in the circle of their common friends with Prokhorov. Love relationships for a long time served as a role model for many, while some detractors are constantly trying to embroil the couple dreaming of their breakup. Kalashnikov says she never cheated on u and really loves it.


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