Anna Kalashnikov is preparing for the separation from his son

Анна Калашникова готовится к разлуке с сыном The artist plans to send the boy abroad. Anna Kalashnikova believes that study abroad will go to the child benefit. Now little Danny began to learn English with a tutor.
Анна Калашникова готовится к разлуке с сыном

Now the son of Anna Kalashnikova Dana two and a half years, but the actress is already thinking about the future of the child. She wants to give the boy the best of everything, but first and foremost, a good education. The singer intends to send the boy to study abroad. Now a young mother hired a teacher who deals with the child in English. Anna said “StarHit” about the progress of the baby.

“I decided that the sooner we begin to engage with a Tribute to English, the easier it will be given to the language in the future. Still, in our time, the knowledge of a second language is necessary – says Kalashnikov. – Are you planning to start with it to learn Spanish. Now with his son engaged a babysitter, teacher, classes are held in the form of a game, but He already is making progress, learned a few words, can combine some items with words, for example, the apple shows on Apple.”
Анна Калашникова готовится к разлуке с сыном

Anna admitted that she lived abroad, in the United States. For her it was an invaluable experience not only in learning a foreign language, but also the memories. While Kalashnikov is not determined which country wants to send Dan to school. She wants the boy himself decided what they would like to do, and the singer will make his dreams come true. Anna Kalashnikova: “During the meeting, Prokhorov son and I cried”

“I would really like in the future to send him to study abroad. Can’t say for sure what place, it is very important that he has decided what he wants to do in life, and I will do everything possible to support. I can say that I know English ideally, studied and lived in America for a long time. Trained at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. It was a great experience for me! I am assisted language at work, communication with foreign partners and colleagues,” said Anna.

A young mother is watching, so as not to overload the child with new knowledge. She was glad that Dan learns the words and expressions during the game, and therefore does not get tired in the classroom. Kalashnikov likes to travel to different countries – now she is not afraid that He would feel uncomfortable in another country.

“In my childhood always everything is much easier than in the age of reason. Of course, we loaded all our lessons in game format, with colorful images and cubes, cartoons and fairy tales, fairy tales. I want to give my son the best education. Want to see the other countries in the world, so that he himself can make his choice of where to study, whom to work. I have friends who are afraid to go abroad because it prevents a language barrier – so I really do not want to not knowing the language somehow prevented the son in the future. Now planning our trip abroad, are already preparing for it,” said Anna “StarHit”.