Anna Kalashnikov is outraged by the popularity of Diana Shurygina

Анна Калашникова возмущена популярностью Дианы Шурыгиной

In the Russian media space probably will not find a man who has not heard about Diana Shurygina – 17-year-old girl who accused the guy of rape and get him detention. The society was divided into two camps: someone who supports her and considers her a victim of violence, some people think that the story of rape was made up and the guy was in prison unjustly.

Curiously, thanks to social networks and bloggers Shurygina has become famous and has become a real phenomenon. The actions of Diana and its popularity says as million-strong online audience, as well as domestic celebrity. Spoke on this subject, and Anna Kalashnikov.

The ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin outraged about what is happening in society: “Diana is a disgusting example for young people. It is unclear how it will be perceived teenagers and our children, if such a situation is not only considered normal, but also put her on a pedestal, as if she had done some important thing or act.”

Kalashnikov believes that deserves punishment not the guy Diana was accused of rape, and her parents: “Should be punished and Diana’s parents, but not to a sudden national fame that is built on it. Here it is necessary not only to blame, but parents who are not looking back! How can a girl of 16 years old to walk somewhere?”.

By the way, is to say that “the phenomenon of Shurygino” continues to gain popularity. Now the girl’s name in the search queries exceeds the rate of requests about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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