Анна Калашникова наняла тренера полуторагодовалому сыну Celebrity develops the ability of the heir. According to Anna Kalashnikova, her baby is already well-manifests itself in football recently, the boy scored his first goal. Young mum spared no expense and invited a personal mentor to young Danny.

      Анна Калашникова наняла тренера полуторагодовалому сыну

      About six months ago, Anna decided to devote his life Tribute professional football career. “Godmother of the son of my friend Inna Zhirkova, who first noticed the ability of Dani – says “StarHit” Kalashnikov. Her husband Yura, of course, it will be too late to participate in the life of the child and help him develop in the sport environment. In the meantime, in order not to lose time, I invited the coach. Dan has already scored his first goal”.

      Three times a week, the coach comes to a country house to the family of Anna. It costs about 5 thousand rubles per two hour class. Dana bought a special outfit, a miniature form and a few goals.

      “I the matter came responsibly. Now classes take place in a quiet mode. So they will be a few years. But to move to more intense training, we need to know that there are no contraindications for health − continues to star. For this we are going to one of the best clinics will do a full check-up. Find out whether there are any nuances, and, on this basis, then correct the exercise”.
      Анна Калашникова наняла тренера полуторагодовалому сыну

      By the way, watching the interests and Hobbies of the son, the Kalashnikov is doing everything to the child’s ability developed. Also the star and her entourage do not spare funds for the fulfillment of desires of the baby. For example, the godparents of the boy, a businessman and singer Andrei Kovalev and Inna Zhirkova presented him with a Royal gift – a real ATV. He is very interested in technology, and therefore was glad to see in your backyard own a vehicle.

      “Our favorite cross gave Dana a real Quad bike for 1.5 years – says “StarHit” Anna Kalashnikova. The son just loves the car, we have a house for a toy fleet, which is growing and growing. Dan I have a big fan of all kinds of machinery. Now on a Quad bike ride with him – put him on his knees, the boy looks with interest at the new form of transport, it all very interesting, of course, asks for a ride myself! The love of cars runs in the family, our interests with his son in this match.”