Anna Kalashnikov has become a victim of fraud

Анна Калашникова стала жертвой мошенников The model and singer was on the verge of despair. Anna Kalashnikova extorted money for access to her page on the social network. Celebrity managed to restore justice. Fans supported her and was glad that they can continue to enjoy its publications in the microblog.

      For many celebrities the social network is not only a way of communicating with their fans, but also an additional source of income. Fraudsters, knowing of the attachment of famous people to their own accounts, trying to hack personal page and begin to blackmail some famous people. Was no exception and Anna Kalashnikov. Unknown persons have put forward the girl an ultimatum – either she takes a large sum of money to their Bank account or her profile in Instagram will be deactivated.

      Alla Pugacheva was forced to create a new microblog

      “Account hacked. 200 thousand rubles to 22:00 or delete” – entry in the microblog detractors celebrities and even posted the card number on which you can make a donation.

      Fans alarmed by such news. They couldn’t believe that someone decided to infringe on the account of the artist. Fans hope that the scammers will not have the heart to delete the photos from your account Kalashnikova, which include adorable pictures of her son Daniel. Followers call Anna immediately contact the support team to regain access to your account.

      “Email support instagram!”, “Really?”, “Well, give the money and will crack again, so it is possible to constantly give, and you will hack,” “Now everyone on instagram is hacked. Just someone so, and someone for the money” – could not believe what happened the subscribers Kalashnikova.

      Anna was very worried due to the fact that unknown persons entered her so, but she managed to restore justice.

      “My dear, finally I’m back. All is well, account to me! Thank you that was worried and wrote me advice and support. Together we – force! Let’s just ignore the negativity and anger around. Good night, everybody,” wrote Kalashnikova.

      Kalashnikov is not the only celebrity whose page in the microblog attacked by fraudsters. Not so long ago the actress Evelina Bledans also faced extortion. Despite the fact that the artist spent a lot of nerves, she was able to regain access to his page in the social network.

      “I do not wish anyone harm. But I know that God will judge all and punish. I forgive those people which drank from me as much blood. I am very upset, even cried today. I hope that people will not raise a hand to remove everything that is posted on my page for three years – there are pictures of my son, his success” – shared thoughts Bledans with “StarHit”.