Anna Kalashnikov did not comment on the pregnancy

Анна Калашникова не стала комментировать беременность
May 16 channel Muz-TV party was held for the nominees of the channel.

Анна Калашникова не стала комментировать беременность

Among the guests was also actress and model Anna Kalashnikova.

Recently, the Network appeared information about the pregnant girl, as she changed outfits, cinched waist for more volume.

“I’m finally loved and love itself. I admit, I am very happy! But learning from the past relationship where it was very badly crushed… Now believe that happiness loves silence. With my partner we recently, together, so long as I don’t want to comment on anything that is not yet ready. And think about how I can pregnant if riding horses?” – responded to the rumors by Anna.

Note that in the last days of the Kalashnikov has a very busy schedule.

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