Анна Калашникова встретилась лицом к лицу с соперницей After parting with singer Prokhor Chaliapin began to publish candid shots with new passion. Jan Gribkowsky told the truth about the relationship with ex-fiancé Anna Kalashnikova, which is still going through a painful breakup with a lover.

      Анна Калашникова встретилась лицом к лицу с соперницей

      After the results of the DNA test showed that the son of Anna Kalashnikova was not born from Prokhor Chaliapin, the lovers broke up and completely stopped communication. For couples, the gap was very painful.

      In the program “live” Anna Kalashnikov once again told the whole story that happened to her. It’s still a shame that Chaliapin allowed the public to learn about what a child he is not native. Also, it is insulting that contrary to promises made earlier, he called off the wedding. Despite the fact that the whole story happened at the end of April, still Kalashnikov may never recover.

      “For me it’s a very unpleasant subject. Frankly, in that condition, which was, I am still. I find it very hard to start life with a clean sheet,” admitted Anna.

      Анна Калашникова встретилась лицом к лицу с соперницей

      The singer also spoke about what kind of emotions engulfed her, when the whole country was declared to be the result of DNA examination. “For me it was a shock, I didn’t know. How to live after that,” recalled Kalashnikov.

      In social networks Anna and Prokhorov repeatedly talked about his pain. Kalashnikov raises her child alone and fully immersed himself in work. And Chaliapin began to be seen in the company of a striking brunette, the former lover of his friend timy brick Yana Grivkovsky. Social networks Prokhorov repeatedly exposed pretty racy pictures with Gribkowsky. In the program of the Yana and Anna had the opportunity to meet face to face with the opponent.

      “Naked” photo of Chaliapin with a new girlfriend excited the public

      But as soon as the current darling of Chaliapin appeared in the Studio, Kalashnikov left the room. She made it clear that it did not intend to hear about a filthy Left in the Studio, Grivkovsky quite aggressively behaved, trying to speak about the Kalashnikova. According to Jana, was allegedly pregnant and built relationships with Chaliapin. So doubtful details, which decided to share Jan, the audience received with distrust.

      Later in the Studio appeared himself Prokhor Shalyapin, who said he actually feels towards Grivkovsky.

      “With Jana we are bound by friendship. We’re just friends. We starred in a photoshoot for the charitable purposes for which he received a round sum,” true graduate of “factory of stars”.

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