Анна Калашникова довела подругу Прохора Шаляпина до инфаркта

Jan Grivkovsky, which predict impending wedding singer Prokhor Chaliapin, fell ill in the hospital with a heart attack. Her best friend Tatiana Guzeeva blames the poor health of his friend.. Anna Kalashnikov, ex-fiancee of the musician.

Анна Калашникова довела подругу Прохора Шаляпина до инфаркта
According to Tatyana, Anna constantly accuses Ian that she stole her fiance, what’s more, she even hired people who were calling Jan at night with threats. In the end, Gribkowsky had a heart and was in the hospital with a suspected heart attack. After the examination, the diagnosis was confirmed and now she is on treatment. Shalyapin has not yet commented on any health Yana, nor the relationship between the new and the former’s conquests.

With Anna Kalashnikova

Recall that Gribkowsky he started Dating shortly after the controversial breakup with Anna. It turned out that the child a year he believed his son was not born from him. Hardly having departed from shock, Prokhorov had an affair with Jana, and then published a photo, which depicted a woman in pale blue dress, very similar to a wedding, ve started talking about the impending celebration.
Virtual staged a wedding, also Anna – she has published a recent photo shoot in which he participated and her boyfriend Michael Terekhin. Photo Kalashnikov depicted in the image of the bride and participant of “House-2” — the groom. In the photo, the pair exchanged rings and hug, portraying happiness and family reunion.


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