Анна Калашникова стала ведущей Первого канала
Producers drew attention to the model in the midst of the world Cup.

Anna Kalashnikova

On the First channel for a few weeks there is a program under
the title “Your game”, where the audience is given a chance to guess who will win in
another match and what the score will be football battle. Leading this program
was singer Anna Kalashnikova, which is the same as many people in our
the country, caught the football.

“I watch the game of our team from the first match. Go to all
game. Details and even predicted the outcome of the match with the national team of Saudi Arabia 5:0. So I’m very pleased that my love
football was appreciated by the editors of the First channel. And I was made to fight this
the transfer, together with several undoubtedly beautiful girls. For example,
with me the “Your game” is still Yana Koshkina.
Clever and sexy babe. We are the esters on different days, but I’m sure
joint efforts will be able to bring to screens the maximum number of viewers.
After all, what could be better than the combination of sporting victories and beauties,” the
said Kalashnikov.