Анна Калашникова крестила сына. ФОТО The sacrament took place in Bogoroditserozhdestvenskoy the temple. During the ceremony Daniel behaved obediently and not capricious. Anna was surprised that the boy never even cried, and listened attentively to the Holy father and the godparents.

      Анна Калашникова крестила сына. ФОТО

      The ceremony passed in Bogoroditserozhdestvenskoy the temple, he is close to he parents house Anna in the village Poyarkovo, Moscow region.

      “I love this place, often come here to ask for help from God, – shares with “StarHit” the Kalashnikov. This temple is 361 years. He prayed, and there is a priest who is very close to me in spirit”.

      The godmother of one-year-old Daniel became friend – Inna Zhirkova, designer, footballer’s wife, and the cross – singer and composer Andrey Kovalyov. Among the guests were only the parents of Kalashnikova.

      Before the baptism, father Leonid familiarized all the participants with its rules and peculiarities. At the beginning of the ordinances in the lamp blew a bulb, but my father calmed everybody and said it was a good sign.

      “Was very worried, but everything went well,” Kalashnikov continued. – Thought Danny was frightened, when it will dip in the plunge pool, but no – didn’t even cry. Listened to the Holy father and the godparents did not make a fuss”.

      After the guests went to the country house of the parents of Anna there and celebrate this important event. And in the evening, Kalashnikov was invited Zhirkov and Kovalev to a karaoke club Who is Who, where it is already two years leads the author’s program.

      Recall that for a long time Anna Kalashnikov hide who is the father of little Daniel. At the time of the birth of the boy she had an affair with Prokhor Chaliapin, who immediately called the child his son. However, after a time, the singer held a DNA examination, the results of which revealed that he is not the biological father of Dani. This information so shocked Prochorus, that he finally broke off relations with Anna, but promised to help the child. Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      In one of airs the Kalashnikov admitted to an affair with a pop star, she was another young man. According to the girl, he loved her very much, but on the day of her birth, June 13, suddenly disappeared, leaving a note that explained that he had flown on business overseas. Kalashnikov argues that Chaliapin was aware that Daniel may not be his son.

      “I was very straightforward and honest – he knew everything. He when my parents gave my word, accepts it as it is. The probability was that the baby wasn’t his – 50 to 50. And he knew from the start, and said that it was his baby and promised never to raise the issue,” recalled Anna.

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