Анна Калашникова призналась, что скучает по Прохору Шаляпину

A DNA test, which showed that Prokhor Chaliapin is not the father of the child Anna Kalashnikova, ruined their idyll is under construction. The wedding, which was to become the most pompous celebration of the year, was cancelled, and the former the bride and groom flew to a tidy sum. According to rumors, Anna and Prokhorov lost 8 million rubles.

Seems nothing is able to return to Chaliapin Kalashnikova, but she still misses her husband failed him and continues to talk about it.

“Recently it was cold, but I didn’t notice, I was happy and I was warmed with love and faith… it’s may, and me permeates the icy wind, and the heart is terribly hurt and cold” — wrote in the microblog Kalashnikov.

A fan could not leave my pet in sadness and began to reassure her with compliments and words rarely help, like what “time heals”, etc.

“With time everything passes and is ahead of only the best!” “We don’t know who got lucky in this situation yet, you have the main man is your son, you’re not alone!”, “Anya, the whole world is at your feet. And all the men. Why you this womanizer. He walked and will walk with attendants. And you’re a beauty, doll, forget it. He doesn’t deserve you”, — supported subscribers a celebrity and wished her to forget this story.

Recall that immediately after the announcement of the results of the DNA test, Kalashnikov said that he believes that Chaliapin will return to her, after all, love conquers all: “This is a nightmare.The first time I couldn’t eat, sleep. Now I just feel hurt, worried about his son because he suffers the most. Danya’s father was, and now… he’s gone. Many insult me, but how can you judge without understanding? I will say one thing: I believe, soon everyone will know the truth. Friends Chaliapin even more turning us against each other. He is emotional, he lashed out, but soon come to their senses. Prokhorov on tour, we stay in touch. About the wedding can not say anything – everything depends on it. The celebration is ready, I hope for the best. Accept any decision, because I respect Prochorus, love and appreciate. This person is important, as long as he was around.”

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