Анна Хилькевич завершила ремонт в новой квартире
The actress had not planned to approach the matter so seriously.

Anna Khilkevich with her daughter Arianna

Photo: Instagram

Anna Khilkevich, which on the eve of the birth of the second
baby bought a two-bedroom apartment in Moscow, boasted that they
my husband finally completed a Grand renovation.

“I have just had the first repair —
a private, independent! the happy actress. Impressions — weight, say
I can help you. Who knows, he will understand… From the beginning
we decided that we will do “just cosmetic”, the apartment was in good condition,
but in the end, floor, ceiling and even the walls have undergone the hard takedown. But we decided,
so right! After all, if you do the repair, thoroughly and reliably. I hope
we are a few years do not want to change their place of residence (laughs) For these
few months, we build your “candy”, we got the
great contractors and learned about the best materials.”
By the way, during the repair of Anna and her husband Arthur did not bind to
sex of the future baby: nursery painted in neutral tones. “While the design fulfilled
eco-style,” says Lee.

Shortly before birth, the actress said that she is not successful
to control your weight. Star of TV series “Univer” already
gained more than 14 kilograms. To the moment when Anna will give a birth to
second child (this will happen very soon), this figure will increase even more.
Lee is afraid that will not be able to return the slender figure and shares his
my experiences with those who follow her life.