Anna Grachevskaya shocked by the results of the plastics

Анна Грачевская шокировала результатами пластики TV presenter decided on a candid shot. On pictures Anna Grachevskaya posing in a slinky semi-transparent jumpsuit, which emphasizes the curves of her body. For the sake of increasing the buttocks a woman went under the surgeon’s knife.

      Not so long ago, TV presenter Anna Grachevskaya decided to bring his body to perfection. For the sake of her buttocks become more rounded, she was not afraid to go under the surgeon’s knife. Now, two weeks later the woman boasted progress. TV presenter has published a photo in which she poses in a slinky semi-transparent white jumpsuit. Stretchy thin fabric couldn’t hide the bruising from the surgery, but, apparently, Anna is in awe of the virtuosity of the surgeon.

      Anna Grachevskaya horrified staff from the operating table. PHOTO

      “It’s been two and a half weeks after surgery, more swelling, and bruises before the final result far. Let me remind you, I had liposuction of localized fat deposits of the trunk with subsequent injections, joint replacement gluteal region or what is also called buttock augmentation,” he told Grachevskaya all of his fans.

      Subscribers were pleasantly surprised by the stunning result of the operation of the presenter. They noted that now the figure Grachevskoe beyond praise. “The procedure is horrifying, but the figure just fire, it Turned out just fine”, “Beautiful, no wonder so many pangs”, “the Beauty and simply good person!” – wrote followers. But there were those who did not understand the torment Grachevskoe. They expressed the view that the ideal figure can be achieved with enhanced training in the gym.

      Anna is now postoperational rehabilitation. At the clinic she put on a drip and doing massage. It is possible that Grachevskaya is such risky manipulation of his own body in order to remain desirable to her second husband, basketball player Artem kuzjakina. This summer they got married and are now happy as ever. Anna was delighted that the chosen one is on good terms with her daughter from her first marriage with Boris Grachevsky.

      “He is Golden in nature, not afraid to say that it is a gift for me, I’m happy with him as ever. However, sometimes he swears at me – for being negligent to their health. Sternly said, “Anya, your feet are freezing! You’ll catch a cold! Quickly put your socks on!” Artem gets along well with Bob. Wears it around his neck, watching cartoons with her, feeds her…,” said Anna “StarHit”.