Anna Grachevskaya married a second time. PHOTO

Анна Грачевская вышла замуж во второй раз. ФОТО The ex-wife of the founder “jumble” and her lover were United together in marriage. Basketball player Artem Kuzyakin promised to always protect his beloved, and she in turn vowed to keep his shirts clean. The couple exchanged rings and said the coveted “Yes” in the walls of the jewelry factory.

      Анна Грачевская вышла замуж во второй раз. ФОТО

      Monday, may 6, Anna Grachevskaya married her lover, 35-year-old basketball player Artem kuzjakina. The ex-wife of the Creator of the “jumble” was chosen for the wedding original place at the jewelry factory “Estet”.

      In the decoration of the hall, where the celebration, the newlyweds helped Marmelad Studio Decor. The room is decorated with white, pink flowers and balloons. Before the celebration guests had rehearsed the meeting of the newlyweds.

      Anna and Tom appeared in the hall as the Prince and Princess. Grachevskaya appeared before the public in a luxurious dress with full tulle skirt and embellished neckline. The bride picked a delicate bouquet of roses, which was decorated in the same style with her outfit and the decoration of the hall. The groom’s wedding dress was adorned with a boutonniere in the same color scheme. The newlyweds met girlfriend Grachevskoe, dressed in the same dress of a purple hue.

      Анна Грачевская вышла замуж во второй раз. ФОТО

      After the appearance Grachevskoe and kuzjakina, the hall made engagement rings. Every moment of the ceremony was arranged by Anna and her wedding Goradia Agency Svadberry. The happy couple exchanged rings and wedding vows.

      “It happened that God gave me such a person. It seems to me, there is no such equal. Many times I told her, and early this morning sent a text message, saying that she’s amazing, such is not the case. I am very happy that we’re together, that we rejoice that all of their relatives gathered with us on this occasion. I love you madly!”, – Artem admitted, looking into the eyes of a future spouse.
      Анна Грачевская вышла замуж во второй раз. ФОТО

      The bride was very nervous in this important day for her. Before the wedding, according to tradition, the girl has spent the night away from Artem. According to Grachevsky, she thinks of the elect the gift and very happy with it. Having coped with excitement, Anne said a reciprocal word the wedding vows.

      “I want you to promise me a few things. First, that you will always have white t-shirts and let them be 350 tons, but they will be white. Second: if you’re going to run the second time the Garden ring, I’m poking all your friends. Let all we will have “teeth”. Well, you know. And let quicken Hodor in “Game of thrones”. The theme, I love you very much, and may we be happy,” exciting ” said Anna.

      Under the applause of guests and the cries of “Bitter” the bride and groom are merged in a passionate kiss. A friend of the couple, the singer Vladimir Brilev told that Anna will not take the name of the spouse.

      “From this wedding I’m waiting for the day of love, celebration of friendship. Who would that not say, I am very glad that he and Anna have taken this step, they joined their hearts and hands, officially chained their handcuffs Registrar”, and move on forward together. I really want to see Vasilisa grew up in an atmosphere of warmth. Now she has two dads”, – said the artist. Brilev urged the newlyweds to pay no attention to rumors that come up around their relationship.

      Anna and Tom before the wedding made a decision that will be respected by some native Russian traditions. While the organizers prepared the next part of the holiday, the correspondent of “Stargate” talked with the bride’s mother, Alla. In the future wife Anna she likes the calm.

      “Emotions are running high. I have the feeling that she is getting married. The morning was very nervous,” admitted mom Grachevskoe.

      According to Alla, invited to the wedding of former husband daughter of Boris still would not be among the guests. Anna Grachevskaya invited to the wedding of ex-husband

      Alla wished to go let the newlyweds life without barriers that they have always supported each other and walked hand-in-hand. The groom’s parents wished Artyom and Anna’s great love and patience, as married life is a lot of work on yourself.

      After congratulating the parents in the room made a loaf, from which it was necessary to break off a piece of the bride and groom. Artem got a larger chunk, so it will be the head of their family. The couple fed each other the bread and kissed under shouts “Bitterly!”.

      Further, the wedding celebration continued at the sixth floor, where the newlyweds and guests enjoyed a Banquet. By the way, the table decoration in harmony with the flowers, which adorned the walls of the space. Friends and acquaintances toasts and gave gifts to the newlyweds, but also repeatedly shouted “Bitterly!”. Anna and Artem received congratulations and don’t take each other loving glances.

      Anna Grachevskaya: “In a new relationship I couldn’t be happier!”

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