Anna Grachevskaya hinted at pregnancy

Анна Грачевская намекнула на беременность TV presenter hides the figure under wide clothes. According to Anna Grachevskii, she likes oversize pants and jackets. In one of the posts in his microblog woman speculate on style and fashion and explained why avoid clothes that tight.

      TV presenter Anna Grachevskaya weekend shone at the event in dekolirovaniya red dress, emphasizing her Breasts. However, in the beginning of the week, the woman changed evening dress in loose pants and jacket in oversize style. In the caption to the picture star RussianMusicBoxTV said that she likes to wear and why choose bulky items.

      Anna Grachevskaya boasted chest

      “Girls, separate the concept of fashion and style. Style is what is comfortable and what suits you. But fashion is a strange rags, invented in Milan. That’s about it. I have in the near future all free and not tight. Otherwise pale,” wrote Anna in the picture.

      Some fans decided that Grachevsky you can already congratulate with the upcoming addition to the family, but the presenter did not reply to such comments. Perhaps her desire to hide the figure due to the fact that she was merely gaining weight.

      Recall that this summer Anna Grachevskaya married a second time. Her choice was a basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. The celebration took place at the jewelry factory. “It seems to me, not her equal. I have said many times, and early this morning sent a text message, saying that she’s amazing, such is not the case. I am very happy that we’re together, that we rejoice that all of their relatives gathered with us on this occasion. I love you madly!”, – the words Artem devoted to his wife when they exchanged wedding rings.

      Anna confesses that he was very happy with her second husband. Besides, he found common language with her daughter, born in marriage with the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky. “Artem gets along well with Bob. Wears it around his neck, watching cartoons with her, feeds her… And Joe loves the game “labyrinth” – when Artem is, and he has her between his long legs creeps. Generally Vasilisa we have a Princess in the morning her first question: “Where is my jewelry, perfume and sweet?” Waking up, my daughter immediately dressed: wears fancy dress, rings, bracelets, shoes… And then goes to lunch!” – told the TV presenter.