Anna Grachevskaya get married at the factory

Анна Грачевская выйдет замуж на заводе Ex-wife of the Creator of the program “jumble” chose the original location for a wedding. Anna Grachevskaya will go down the aisle with new lover on the sixth of June. Now she carefully prepared for the celebration and pays attention to every detail of the holiday.

      Анна Грачевская выйдет замуж на заводе

      Now in full swing preparing the former wife of the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna for the main event in her life. 29-year-old bride on the sixth of June to go down the aisle with her new lover, 35-year-old basketball player Artem Kuzyakina. However, for the ceremony Grachevskaya chose a rather unusual place – the wedding she will play on-site jewelry factory.

      Anna Grachevskaya very carefully prepared for the upcoming holiday. The bride and groom, despite his busy schedule, try to control the whole process. To make room Anna chose subtle colors – white and pink. Grachevskaya and Kuzyakin even decided on a wedding cake. Multi-tiered confection will be flooded with white icing and decorated with roses.

      The groom wants to look at your own wedding is already trying on wedding suit, so he sat in the great celebration day.

      Анна Грачевская выйдет замуж на заводе

      Anna has decided to pay tribute to wedding traditions and spend the night before the wedding apart with the groom. She has already chosen the hotel where she will spend the morning before the celebration. Apparently, despite the heat between two people, Anna decided to remain alone with his thoughts before his big day.

      Anna Grachevskaya: “In a new relationship I couldn’t be happier!”

      Анна Грачевская выйдет замуж на заводе

      After a loud parting with Boris Grachevsky fans did not leave alone the question of why such seemingly happy couple split. But in order to dispel the rumors and assumptions, she said that actually became the reason of cooling of feelings between them. “Grachevsky with sexual problems I had! Maybe this will sound complementary in relation to my choices, but I don’t choose men that I had not been satisfied. The problems in our marriage emerged in another – when there is misunderstanding. Including due to the fact that Boris and the people of different generations,” he justified Grachevskaya.

      Now she is happy with her new lover and thinks he is perfect for her. “Artem gold character, not afraid to say that it is a gift for me, I’m happy with him as ever. However, sometimes he scolds me for being negligent attitude to their health,” admitted Grachevskaya in an interview with “StarHit”.


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