Anna Grachevskaya flashed his buttocks after plastic surgery

Анна Грачевская сверкнула ягодицами после пластики The TV presenter was able to show the result of the work of the surgeon. Grachevskaya went with her husband and daughter on vacation in Thailand. While walking along the shore husband of Anna Artyom gave her a few photos, which are clearly visible the altered form of a young woman.

      The other day Anna Grachevskaya flew to rest in a hot region with her husband Artem Kuzyakina and daughter Vasilisa. Family TV presenter decided to stay on the island of Phuket in Thailand. Apparently, during the trip, the heiress Grachevskoe will learn to swim, but while the girl is a bit afraid of water.

      Anna herself willingly posing for the camera in open bathing suits. About two months ago a young woman had an operation to increase the buttocks. After surgery she took a lot of time to recover. A few weeks she was not recommended to sit and advised to wear a bandage, which contributed to the rapid healing of tissues. Now all the stitches and the wounds had fully healed, so Grachevskoe you can sunbathe and swim.

      In the pictures the presenter is at the photographer’s back. Rounded buttocks Anna highlighted with white g-string. She no longer hide figure, and showed the forms from all angles.

      “For those who are particularly “worried” all over the place, but I do not consider it necessary in every post to spread. And now not a sin to put a nut! 100% rehabilitation is over! So greetings to you from “Russian Kardashian”. By the way, Kim here not so long ago rested,” said Anna under one of the pictures.

      Followers praised the new star buttocks and her slender figure. “Excellent”, “Great photo, awesome figure”, “Fire”, “This magic photo”, “Gorgeous too” “this is it”, wrote the social network users.

      As it became known earlier, the second husband of Anna fully supported her decision about the surgery. According to the leader, it was he who paid for liposuction, so now not allow other people to touch the charms of his beloved wife. “I have not had any problems. Husband happy… He needs to put a monument for what he endured,” said Grachevskaya a show.

      A few days ago, Anna and her family made a real carnival holiday at the beach. According to Russian tradition, they set fire to the effigy, which illustrated the winter. Vasilisa made friends with the other girls. “Eating pancakes and dumplings, all in Thailand! The most unusual Carnival with us!” – signed one of the rollers Grachevskaya.

      Despite the fact that on vacation many allow themselves to indulge in food and drinks, Anna does not surrender and adheres to the correct diet. Even during the holidays she tries to eat healthy and fresh, and also do yoga in the morning. According to the presenter, this way of life she loves.