Анна Грачевская выбрала жуткий метод похудения The media personality showed a video of the painful procedure. Anna Grachevskaya hoped that the needles will help her control her appetite and not gain weight. The star decided to contact the experts, realizing that she couldn’t cope with the problem of constant breakdowns in the diet.

      TV presenter and former wife of the Creator of the popular newsreel “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna it’s hard to blame the extra pounds. However, the star seems that it is very far from ideal settings, and to to be, Anna Grachevskaya seem willing to go to any measure.

      Training in the gym and permanent restrictions in food, the beautiful girl was not enough, and she decided on an unconventional way to keep your appetite under control. Anna Grachevskaya repeatedly complained that often breaks down and begins to eat everything and in large quantities. Here and during the journey together with my husband Anton Kusakina in Malaysia, Anna was afraid to gain weight because rest is with great pleasure that absorbed the exotic dishes. Anna Grachevskaya is afraid to get better during the honeymoon

      In short, Grachevskaya acknowledged the problem and decided to ask for help to the specialists of a Moscow clinic, who immediately diagnosed her – eating disorder. To heal Anna, but at the same time help her to keep the harmony suggested with the help of acupuncture. In his microblog Anna Grachevskaya posted a video of the procedure. In the video you can clearly see how the doctor, explaining his star patient, what is the essence of the technique, sticks in her ear a huge needle.

      It is assumed that the needle, mounted in the so-called points of hunger and thirst, can control the appetite of Anna Grachevskii, star will eat less and consequently to lose the hated kilograms.

      “With a needle decreases the appetite and dull the feeling of hunger and the fact, thus can avoid overeating and disruptions that terrible for me and often,” said Anna Grachevskaya.

      Telediva promised to report the results of the weight loss in the blog so all the fans of Anna are looking forward to the new pics even more slender beauty.

      We will remind, in the beginning of the summer, Anna Grachevskaya married a second time. Her choice was a basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. For the wedding the husband gave the lady a truly generous gift. Anna has become the mistress of a private island in Malaysia. Each basketball player was told to “StarHit” that Kuzyakin spent three million rubles for an unusual gift for the woman you love.

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