Anna Faris thanked the fans for their support after her divorce with Chris Pratt

Анна Фэрис поблагодарила фанатов за поддержку после развода с Крисом Праттом

Anna Faris first opened and said in his podcast called Unqualifiedо their experiences after separating from her husband Chris Pratom.

40-year-old actress began her last podcast with a sentimental message, where he thanked all his fans for the support given in her direction after the official breakup with Chris Pratt. In her life now comes the tipping point, during which, the support of the loyal fans is very important.

“Hello dear listeners, I just wanted all of you to thank for all the love I got and I really like you,” said Faris at the beginning of the episode.

Podcast was for Faris a way of expression, because the actress is not the first time open there and says personal stuff. In may, the actress have already talked about the experiences at the expense of its relationship with Pratt. Faris spoke about the difficulty of long-distance relationships, because the stars often went home to filming projects.

“My long-distance relationship with Chris — could call them such, but we do spend a lot of time apart,” admits Faris. “But the advantage of this is that you start to appreciate the time spent together, and you very much pay attention to that. You don’t want to waste time on quarrels, and know all sorts of stuff…It has a great price, but not a small advantage. A ray of hope.”

In the episode of his podcast, the star was published before the breakup, she shared her experiences about the “loneliness” that she feels playing a public figure.

“I play a character in MOM, I’m playing a character in a movie, but I also play public character,” says Anna about their responsibilities as stars. “Of course I would feel lonely. It’s like, part of the life of an actor. A feeling. whether I have to laugh.”

Couple of actors Faris and Pratt have announced their divorce after 8 years of family life in their social networks. In their messages, they were asked to treat the situation with respect and understanding, because the former couple has 5-year-old son.

Pratt also decided to remain unnoticed, and his first appearance on the Sunday night at the awards Teen Choice Awards earlier paparazzi caught him with the son Jack, when they went to Church.