Anna Dimi delighted fans with her fresh song 'Defiant' Singer and performer Anna Dimi pleases fans of her work with a new track “Rebellious”.

Anna Dimi delighted fans with her fresh song "Unruly"This song is an expression of the thoughts of a rebellious, proud girl, a cry for love, which pride does not allow to fully manifest. Sadness stretches through the track in a thin line, embracing the listener's feelings with lyrics and melody. pleased the fans by presenting a fresh song «Rebellious»” />

When you have a proud and, at first glance, unshakable disposition, building a life can be difficult. Loneliness brings a devastating aching pain that only goes away next to your person. Happiness from the closeness of a loved one can heal past wounds, but a rebellious nature, together with pride, does not always allow you to honestly and openly admit and express your feelings. It does its damage.

After all, despite outward confidence and determination, under a layer of obstinacy and secretive disposition in every person lies a very vulnerable nature, which is afraid of losing its love, afraid of betrayal, afraid of being left and again falling into the abyss of loneliness.

Anna Dimi delighted fans with her fresh song 'Defiant'

Pride and fear make you constantly control emotions, act coldly and sensibly, however, what to do if the heart screams otherwise. How to find a compromise when you are afraid to fully trust and open up, to tell that your soul already belongs to your loved one. “Strong qualities” only add fuel to the fire. They will not allow her to return, to back down, to abandon the already voiced – perhaps even insincere – words, so the heroine asks her beloved to stop her, not to allow her to take a rash step. And if the partner does not believe enough in the reciprocity of feelings, is not stubborn enough to protect the relationship in difficult times, then everything can end once and for all.

Anna Dimi delighted fans by presenting a fresh song «Rebellious»

A gentle, lyrical and airy melody combined with very touching vocals will not leave your heart indifferent. A memorable motive will make you listen to the song again and again.

The track of the singer Anna Dimi “Rebellious” is available for listening on all digital music platforms in the country. jpg” alt=”Anna Dimi delighted fans by presenting a fresh song «Rebellious»” />

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