Anna chipovskaya was shocked by the picture of a broken face

Анна Чиповская шокировала снимком разбитого лица Fans of the actress promise to find her abusers. Anna chipovskaya posted a selfie with a face bruised and bruising, gave to understand that to worry for it is not necessary. Fans noted that even in this form, their favorite remains beautiful.

      Анна Чиповская шокировала снимком разбитого лица

      Star of TV series “the Thaw” Anna chipovskaya made the fans seriously worried for her health and safety. The actress has published in the microblog selfie from the series “not for the faint of heart”. In the frame closeup beautiful face Chipovskaya, where there are practically no living space – it’s all abrasions, scratches and bruises. “Spring” – simply signed the actress as if hinting that this time of year, aggravated all feelings, including and not very good.

      Fans of the star immediately alarmed, thinking that someone had dared to lay a hand on Anna Chipovskaya. “Anya, what’s wrong with you?”, “Attacked in the alley?”, “The husband has?”, “Cats?”, “Oh my God, what a mess!”, “Anya, tell people what happened? People’s worried!”, – threw Chipovskaya comments of its members. But as it turned out, nothing to worry about. The is nothing more than a provocation. And disfigure her charming face actress decided for the sake of art. “It’s makeup”, – has answered questions of followers Anna chipovskaya, and then they gasped together and began to do the star of “the Thaw” compliments, claiming that even in this form it is a miracle as well. That just goes to show – real beauty does not spoil! “Anya, with this make-up still beautiful!” “Even with the bruises charming,” write the fans Chipovskaya.

      Likely that Anna chipovskaya allowed to “smash” their face for the new role. What, the actress is not yet announced. It is also known that Anna chipovskaya recently trying his hand as a vocalist, so it is possible that such a harsh makeup she needed for the video shoot.

      Recall that at the end of last year, Anna chipovskaya made his debut as a rock singer, performing the song “My Girl”, which is a cover version of the famous hit of Nirvana’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”. The song became the soundtrack to the drama “Cold front”. This picture was the directorial debut of film critic and screenwriter Roman Volobueva. The story was written in co-authorship with Svetlana Ustinova and Dasha Charusha. Fans of Anna Chipovskaya was able to hear this song in a live performance of the actress and appreciate her vocal talent in a concert that took place in the framework of the festival “Golden mask” in April of this year.

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