Anna chipovskaya lost loved ones

Анна Чиповская потеряла близких людей The actress admitted that the past year was very hard. Some time ago she made a short haircut, and also revised the Outlook on life. On the eve of the premiere of the film “the ordeal” chipovskaya spoke about the difficulties she has faced.

Anna chipovskaya played a role in the film “the ordeal”. As recognized by the actress, she only takes on projects that she really interesting. Spare time, Anna prefers to spend at home or with close friends. Many fans are actively asking the actress how is her personal life, but the star is not in a hurry shares intimate. Some time ago it became known that Chipovskaya began an affair with Vladimir Endelave. But the couple does not advertise their relationship.

Anna chipovskaya is hiding an affair with a colleague

However, according to Anna, this year she faced certain difficulties. She believes that the last 12 months was terrible.

“First, I lost several loved ones. Plus I never worked as much as this year. When I was fifteen performances in a month and in parallel I was shooting, I was tired so… that’s never happened before. So I decided that I will never work hard enough. I myself have one. And this year in a very long time I went on vacation for two weeks,” admitted chipovskaya.

According to the artist, she wanted something radically change in your life. Why Anna decided on a short cut. “To grow hair is not going to, I fall comfortably, haircut matches my inner state, I seemed to be myself. I am actually,” explained Anna.

Chipovskaya tries not to react to criticism that she sometimes faces. The actress admits that it became easier to skip past the negative reviews. Anne herself decides how it should look and dress.

“When I was twenty, and I needed someone’s support, I still somehow paying attention. Thank God, now I’m in a harmonious age when very well understand what I like and what is not, what is not, what kind of role model I want to support, what do not want. So me growing up in the buzz. Honestly, I kajetsa that my real time will come in ten years,” said chipovskaya in conversation with the magazine “OK!”.