Anna Chekalina is expecting a second child So, a new addition is expected in their family!

Anya Chekalina, a famous blogger and wife of Arkady Chekalin, joyfully announced on her blog that they are expecting a second child.

She shared this good news by posting a beautiful photo with her husband, which shows that her tummy has begun to round, and in the background of the photo you can see an image of an ultrasound scan.

Anya Chekalina is an influential blogger. Her blog is extremely popular for her family values, style and professional tips on makeup, fashion trends and skin care. She actively shares her knowledge and experience, helping her subscribers look and feel great.

Anya and Arkady Chekalin are always open on their social networks and talk about their lives. They share photos from their travels, family moments, and projects they work on together.
Expecting a second child for the Chekalins is a particularly joyful event. They express gratitude for the support and congratulations from their subscribers and hope for the further happy and healthy development of their family.

Anya Chekalina's fans and subscribers are looking forward to further updates and new photos from their life, and they are happy to continue to share their joy and important moments with them.

Ani and Arkady already have a three-year-old son, Alexander, and they are very happy to expand their family. The Chekalins are part of a famous blogger dynasty associated with Artem Chekalin, the husband of blogger Lerchek. Thus, the Chekalin family is growing! Congratulations to them on this wonderful event!

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