Anna Buzova open up about divorce sisters

Анна Бузова разоткровенничалась о разводе сестры A relative of the well-known TV presenter gave a Frank interview. She spoke about the changes in the character of Olga, which occurred in connection with a painful breakup. According to her, the young singer lost his trust and kindness.

Anna Buzova never hid that close to your sister. In her Instagram often appear together photos and videos from a relative. She recently gave a Frank interview in which he told about his personal life Olga.

According to her, the divorce changed sister in appearance, but had no effect on her moral qualities. Olga remained still as gullible a girl as she was before.

“She still sometimes calls and talks about the disappointments, but it’s even funny. Don’t know how much time it needs to do bad things to Olya stop being so kind,” shares Anna.

And the look in the opinion of the younger sister Buzova, gives her emotional state. Anna confirms that in the eyes of Oli a lot of sadness and explains that the lack of a strong male shoulder next.

However, she is confident that sooner or later the presenter will be able to survive a painful breakup with Dmitry Tarasov.

“I envy the inner strength and endurance sisters. Often think about what would have long given up if I was there such tests. However, Olga is moving forward, smiling and not giving up. It’s very cool,” says businesswoman.

Despite the fact that Olga is every day becoming more popular, competition between the sisters there. Anna is sure that the reason is different areas of activity. The girl mentioned many times, which is a non-public person and therefore develops business away from the limelight and camera flashes.

However, if the younger sister does not agree with the behavior of the eldest, she is always ready to tell her. “I have no desire to please Ola. That’s why I always tell her the truth, because of what sometimes there is a misunderstanding. Before I could be sharp with her, trying to convey their own opinion, but now I try to Express criticism in a mild form,” – says Anna.

Despite occasional quarrels and totally different characters relatives to maintain close relationships. They often see each other regularly and talk on the phone. Now Olga is in Los Angeles where, according to rumors, plans to continue the development of his musical career.

Recently, the TV presenter admitted that during a holiday in Las Vegas she wanted to talk with Dmitry Tarasov. Fans of the star believe that she was not able to end through a divorce and this interferes with the girl again to find happiness. Olga Buzova told about the calls of her ex-husband

In an interview Anna Buzova told that the family always supported Olga in her endeavors. “She is restless, and what we are seeing now is only the first part of a great creative way,” said a relative of the stars.