Anna Banshchikova went from maternity leave a month after childbirth

Анна Банщикова вышла из декретного отпуска через месяц после родов
The actress began filming the sequel of the popular TV show.

Anna Banshchikova

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Maternity leave for mothers of large families — Anna Banshikova has come to an end. And he lasted only a month. However, a reason to break up with Masha, a long-awaited daughter, was significant. Started shooting a continuation of the popular television series “Bloodhound” where Anna plays a major role.

Banshchikova was happy again to be reincarnated as an astute investigator, because this role was a favorite of her two sons. “Because Misha and Sasha are not pampered mom-actress. When I went to the movies with my participation, they sat down at the screen, and five minutes later ran. When on the street people approach me asking to take a picture together, sons with a sigh, moving away to the sidelines, standing there, and then begin to pull the sleeve: “Mom, come on…” But from the “Bloodhounds” of the ears not to delay, after each series, said: “You’re so cool, so funny, funny”. However, because of the series they went late, and this morning at school was he couldn’t Wake her…”

By the way, Anna, having learned what awaits the girl was incredibly happy. Banshchikova with her husband had long dreamed about how to dilute home the men’s team. The brothers also eagerly expecting the birth of their little sister and her discharge from hospital prepared gifts.